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Mosquitoes, or Mozzies, are the quintessential Australian pest. They increase in numbers in Summer to frustrate BBQs and are rampant at properties near creeks, rivers and lakes. Their high pitched buzzing disrupts sleep and leaves us with annoying, itchy bites. Overpowering citronella candles, noisy & temperamental insect units and insect repellent are common home treatments, but they generally only offer a futile defence against the Mozzie. Mosquitoes are also known to carry diseases, so taking effective action against an influx of the annoying insects is an important step to take.

The answer is Insect Growth Regulator sachet granules. They are the simplest way to provide a long-lasting reduction in mosquito populations. Sachets are dropped into each potential breeding site and the controlled release granules gradually dissolve, releasing the IGR pyriproxyfen into the water. Instar larvae then die during moulting, breaking the breeding cycle and reducing mosquito populations.

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Our mosquito control service can reduce the number of mozzies buzzing around your property. Protect your family members from bites and have Mosquito free BBQ this Summer.

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