Bird Control Sydney

Often attempts to control birds largely involve the use of bird spiking or netting. These methods usually have limited effectiveness and can be unsightly. Another strategy is to trap and lure, however this can be rather time consuming and costly.

Blitz’s answer to bird control is Bird Free Optical Gel! The substance will keep birds off all structures without harming them.

It does so by altering their behaviour, not by acting as a physical barrier. Once applied, birds will completely desert a habitat, even ones they have been using for years.

Bird free optical gel is applied in low profile application dishes. They have been proven to successfully repel birds from protected “heavy pressure” sites, and is ideal for sites where the client requires an invisible solution.

Get Rid of Nuisance Birds from around your Sydney Home or Business

Our bird control service can reduce the number of pest birds creating problems around your property. Contact Blitz for a solution for your Sydney home or business today.

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