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Spiders Facts

Funnel web spider

The funnel web’s bite is dangerous and can cause serious illness or death. The male venom is more toxic than the female and initial symptoms include local pain, mouth numbness, vomiting, abdominal pain, sweating and salivation. There is anti-venom available.

Immediate action should be taken to apply a pressure bandage and immobilise the bitten limb by splinting. Restrict the movement of the victim. If possible, capture the spider for positive identification.

Wolf spider

Wolf spider bites are usually minor with local pain or itchiness. Less commonly, symptoms can include swelling, prolonged pain, dizziness, rapid pulse and nausea. Seek medical attention if symptoms persist.

White-tail spider

Symptoms are usually confined to local mind stinging or burning pain, sometimes followed by development of an itchy lump. Less commonly, bites result in swelling, discolouration and local ulceration, sometimes with nausea and vomiting. There is no conclusive evidence that these spiders regularly cause significant skin damage or ulceration. An ice pack may relieve local pain. Seek medical attention if symptoms persist.

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