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The three major pest species in Australia are the Norway Rat, Roof Rat and House Mouse. They can transmit serious diseases and their fleas and lice can adversely affect pets and humans. Food poisoning can also occur as a result of their droppings and hair contaminating utensils and food.

According to the CSIRO more than 40% of the world’s mammal species are rodents, and about 10% of rodent species are significant pests in urban and agricultural environments.

Rats are among nature’s most prolific mammalian breeders. Female rats breed up to a dozen times a year and can produce, on average, a half dozen offspring. Some litters total 20 or more. It is estimated that the U.S could host as many as 150 million rats maybe more. The Norway rat can breed throughout the year if conditions suit, the gestation period is between 21-23 days and the young achieve sexual maturity at 3-4 months. Their life span is up to 3 years, although most barely manage one- a mortality rate of 95% is estimated with predators, intraspecific conflict and cannibalism the major causes.

When food is in short supply the rats lower in social order die first. The most interesting fact about the life cycle of rats which makes them such a prolific breeder is that if large fractions of a rat population are exterminated, the remaining rats will reproduce at a faster rate to quickly restore the old population levels. When living in large numbers in close proximity to humans, the rodents take a massive economic bite on people. They can devastate crops, food stores and wreck havoc on buildings (electrical wiring, structural damage). Such property damage can tally billions of dollars.

Throughout history rats have caused substantial losses of food by ability to transmit diseases to humans and with it a great amount of lost human life. Rats still consume or contaminate vast amounts of food and pose a very real health risk which is why much legislation has been passed to reduce infestation levels of rodents. Rats carry lice and fleas which spawn diseases such as typhus and trichinosis along with food poisoning and diarrhoea. In the past took the blame for the great plague of the 17th century.

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